YouTube allows converting a long video to shorts: how it works

YouTube makes it easy to convert your videos to Shorts

In a thread, YouTube announced that it would facilitate the creation of Shorts, the short video format offered by the platform. The objective: to be able to choose 60 seconds of a long video already published, in order to convert it into Shorts. YouTube says that users will be able to benefit from the usual editing tools available for short videos, such as text, filters, etc.

The platform also states that:

  • If you select a clip of fewer than 60 seconds, you will have the possibility to record other additional clips for your Shorts.
  • Only the original creator of a video can convert their long video to Shorts.
  • Shorts created from a video posted to YouTube will automatically link to the original long video.

This new feature is being rolled out to mobile for iOS and Android.

How to Convert a Long Video to Shorts on YouTube?

To convert a long video to shorts on YouTube, here’s how:

  • Go to the video you posted on YouTube and want to convert to Shorts,
  • Click on Create,
  • Select Edit in Shorts,
  • Choose a 60-second clip within your video, edit, then publish (see the image of one).

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