Youtube Shorts: Answers to frequently asked questions

Youtube Shorts: Answers to frequently asked questions

In a video, YouTube Product Manager Pierce Vollucci answered the most common questions content creators have about the Shorts short video format.

1. Shorts can play on audience growth

“We recently did an analysis where we looked at audience growth for channels that only did long videos and channels that did both long and short videos. explained the YouTube product manager. Channels that created Shorts seemed to grow faster. We believe that audience demand for short-form content will be a long-term trend. (…) This is the reason why we are testing new features for this type of format”.

2. Shorts don’t impact long video recommendations

When the Shorts launched on YouTube, users who watched short formats saw a lot of short videos in their recommendations because the algorithm recorded the Shorts in their viewing history. Pierce Vollucci explains: “Internet users who watch short videos are not always the same as those who watch long videos… For this reason, we separate short videos and long videos from the history of content watched. So when someone discovers a new channel through Shorts, we don’t use that information to recommend longer videos”.

3. It may be interesting to create a channel specifically for his Shorts

There is a priori no problem with mixing short and long content on the same YouTube channel. However, more and more content creators are deciding to launch separate channels for their Shorts. As the YouTube product manager advises: “Try to group your channels around similar audiences who enjoy the same content. Separate them when your viewers have totally different interests… If you want to address different audiences with distant interests, it is worth creating a separate channel”.

4. All Shorts have a chance of appearing in recommendations regardless of the number of videos on a YouTube channel

Even if it is always useful to have an established audience and therefore a YouTube channel rather than provided in videos, this last point has no impact on the visibility of Shorts. Indeed, all Shorts videos have the possibility of being recommended to the public. “Every short video has a chance of succeeding, no matter the channel or the number of videos on it. The performance of short content depends on whether viewers choose to watch and not skip a video in the Shorts feed. This audience engagement is often built over time rather than instantaneously. »

The Shorts on YouTube, a format that is gaining momentum

Like the Reels on Instagram, the Shorts format on YouTube aims to compete with TikTok. Indeed, the Chinese social network has permanently established short videos on social networks, so much so that today we are witnessing a certain “TikTokisation” of social platforms. YouTube has thus, since the launch of its short video format, wanted to promote it to content creators. Recently, the platform even added a handy feature to convert long videos to shorts on YouTube. A novelty that aims to enhance the content of creators already posted on the platform.

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